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windsurfer / виндсерфер
имя существительное
имя существительное
a person who takes part in windsurfing.
‘I was a keen windsurfer , but Sam took to it like a duck to water,’ said his father, Andrew.
He completed a solo crossing on his windsurfer from Seal Beach to Catalina Island, a 25.5 nautical mile journey, in just under 5 hours to fulfil a childhood goal
A former pupil at Colden Common Primary School, Kings' School and Peter Symonds' College, Larry was a keen windsurfer , skateboarder, sailor and kitesurfer.
she was a keen swimmer and windsurfer
When the windsurfer came back several hours later he found the man's clothing and belongings still on the beach, became concerned, and called us.
On this rare day, a windsurfer with black rubber body and transparent sail swings around like an insect.
It can fit in the boot of an ordinary car, can be used as a surf board, a rowing dinghy, a windsurfer , a sailing dingy, can be towed behind a power boat or used as a beach boat for children (under supervision, of course) and costs next to nothing.
‘I was a keen windsurfer , but Sam took to it like a duck to water,’ said his father, Andrew.
This area of the Lleyn Peninsula is better known for the holiday village of Abersoch, where every summer the beaches and waters come alive with the bright sails of yachts, sailing dinghies and windsurfers .
When the wind is blowing off the river, kite-fliers weave their crafts in and out of the air pockets above, and the para-gliders and windsurfers do the same upon the ruffled waters.
But other categories have few or no licences, such as windsurfers , and Friday South Lakeland district councillors will be asked if they want to introduce greater flexibility into the licensing of pleasure craft.