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windscreen / ветровое стекло, переднее стекло, козырек
имя существительное
ветровое стекло
windshield, windscreen, screen
переднее стекло
windshield, windscreen
visor, peak, apron, vizor, bill, windscreen
The windscreen and the bumper are the two main sources of injury in pedestrian crashes.
The impact smashed the front windscreen and ruptured fuel pipes in the engine causing the car to become an inferno.
Pupils on a school trip drove back from London in a damaged coach after a pheasant flew into the front windscreen .
Last week, we were driving along when a bird we hadn't seen before flew right past the front windscreen .
The windscreen is closer to horizontal than on the hatchback, and the rear overhang is longer.
The new system is operated by a small display unit which is placed near the front windscreen of the car.
A gang of drunken thugs threw a can of booze which smashed the front windscreen of a family's car.
The concrete went through the back window and struck him on the shoulder and then hit the front windscreen .
Trouble flared on Tuesday night when the front and rear windscreens were smashed.
Private hire vehicles are now required to carry new, more visible licence plates on the rear of the vehicle, near and offside front doors and front and rear windscreens .