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windrow / полоса скошенного хлеба
имя существительное
полоса скошенного хлеба
имя существительное
a long line of raked hay or sheaves of grain laid out to dry in the wind.
If you rake windrows to dry out any stems on the bottom, leaves are apt to crumble and fall away, leaving just sticks for hay.
Hay waiting to be baled may have to remain in the windrow for a week and can virtually be ruined for feeding to heavy milking cows, if rained on.
Occasionally you must stop to hone the blade and look behind to admire the precision of the windrow that's formed.
The advanced electronics provide all the features you need for bale monitoring allowing you to focus on the windrow without constantly turning round to monitor bale formation.
On a single occasion in 1949, for example, a windrow of unidentifiable algal material was recorded on the shore.
You may need to damage plants by driving on them to turn hay to speed drying and get sunlight to plants underneath; however, it may prevent the old windrows from ruining the rest of your haying year.
To be worth the effort, the machine's design needed to answer all the shortcomings Moyer had identified in his survey of existing models: it had to be inexpensive, able to handle large windrows , and have plenty of power.
This is then stacked into windrows or movable racks under a roofed area, and the piles are periodically aerated.
All the hay had to be raked into windrows with hand rakes, and the women of the household had to take a hand.
The graders ripped the existing road and gathered all available material into two windrows , then spread and graded behind the mobile crusher as it progressed down the road.
Laborers raked it into windrows at the marshes' edges, shoveled it into wagons, and transported it to refining sites.