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windowpane / оконное стекло
имя существительное
оконное стекло
windowpane, pane
имя существительное
a pane of glass in a window.
Flat, thin leaves of horn were translucent and used for windowpanes in place of glass.
a broad flatfish with numerous dark spots, found in the western Atlantic.
I breathed onto the windowpane and watched as some mist appeared on the glass.
I put my head on the cool glass of my windowpane and exhale a long breath that I've been holding for a while now.
We can already put a 500-pound bomb through a window; will choosing a particular windowpane within the window improve our performance?
They smashed the windowpanes of the cinema, damaged the furniture and ransacked the canteen.
Then all is blank; and afterward the rains beat against the grimy windowpanes , or the snows fall upon my scant attire, the wheels rattle in the squalid streets where my life lies in poverty and mean employment.
Looters had stolen the furniture, the windowpanes , the electric fixtures.
Esseri was waiting in the library, ensconced at her desk in the puddle of sunlight that seeped through the leaded windowpanes .
It didn't take long before the light drew the bugs, a half-dozen butting against the ceiling and lamps and more bouncing off windowpanes .
The playhouse was positioned on concrete pavers and Lori and Charlie began the tasks of removing years of old paint, replacing boards, and installing new windowpanes .
As evening approached, the rain persisted, streaking the windowpanes and drumming rhythmically against the rooftop.