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window-shop / глазеть на витрины
глазеть на витрины
Granted, this is window shopping , but when you know what you're after, there's nothing wrong with that.
I didn't have a lot to do so I decided to walk around town, do some window shopping , something to keep me from home.
Why don't you do a little window shopping ?
A little time spent window shopping can result in significant long-term savings at the gas pump.
The bad news is that most of those new customers are proving to be window-shoppers who are unlikely to ever come back.
Some of the parents gasped and dragged away their offspring, rushing for the door, and most of the window-shoppers panicked and joined the exodus.
Unlike many mall visitors, Ms. Kitty seems quite content with window shopping .
It's time to do a little " window shopping ."
Jostling and window shopping is part of the deal and we did it all.
There's no time for dawdling around the centre and doing a little window shopping .