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windmill / ветряная мельница, ветряк, вертолет
имя существительное
ветряная мельница
helicopter, chopper, copter, rotorcraft, windmill, rotor plane
имя существительное
a building with sails or vanes that turn in the wind and generate power to grind grain into flour.
In the past windmills were used to grind corn into flour.
(with reference to a person's arms) move or be moved around in a circle in a manner suggestive of the rotating sails or vanes of a windmill.
An avant-garde version of Ashlee Simpson, Thomas alternated between banshee wails and guttural growls to pre-recorded noise, while windmilling her arm to sometimes strike the strings of her guitar.
Listening to the dialogue between the wind and the windmill produced a feeling of old fashioned romance.
The second grave in the children's burial plot has been fenced off into a shrine and personalised with a pot cherub, dried flowers and child's handheld windmill .
A tourist boat putters by in the canal; the sails of the huge windmill overhead cast long, cool shadows across the road.
Visitors to Wiltshire's only working windmill have been warned that it is being targeted by thieves.
Why is that not to be taken into account, yet building a windmill is?
Heedless of the curse, he put an upturned shaving bowl on his head for a helmet, climbed on his horse and rushed forward - only to plunge his lance into the sail of a windmill and be lifted from his saddle into clear air.
His tiny arms windmill in the air and he starts to fall, but I catch him with my prehensile tail, barely hard enough to cut into his clothes.
The first turn threw him, causing his arms to windmill , but Eric regained his balance and fell into another knock-kneed arc.
When soldiers returning from the Crusades introduced wind technology to Europe in the eleventh century, the windmill helped usher in the Industrial Revolution.
Fittingly the book ends with York's only surviving windmill , Holgate Mill.