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windfall / ветровал, неожиданная удача, паданец
имя существительное
неожиданная удача
windfall, fluke, strike
имя существительное
an apple or other fruit blown down from a tree or bush by the wind.
We ate fruit from the trees or windfalls without washing them and ate carrots pulled from the ground (after we'd dusted the dirt off with our none-too-clean hands).
Striding ahead of the rest has landed a Lancaster theatre with a huge cash windfall .
However, let us not get carried away by this success and be realistic and pragmatic with our oil windfall .
In so doing, they will reap windfall profits from a property redevelopment scheme.
The potential windfall was another $70 million or so.
members are to get an average £520 cash windfall for voting ‘yes’ to the merger
Three community groups serving East Lancashire have scooped a lottery windfall of more than £600,000.
One thing for certain: this unexpected financial windfall will most definitely not be a handicap to the club.
The improved cash position also raises the possibility of higher windfall payments to policyholders.
If the bonds appreciated, should speculators pocket the windfall ?
The government will reap an economic windfall in time for the next general election, economists have predicted.