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windbreak / ветролом, защитная лесополоса, щит
имя существительное
защитная лесополоса
shield, screen, guard, baffle, shell, windbreak
имя существительное
a thing, such as a row of trees or a fence, wall, or screen, that provides shelter or protection from the wind.
But as you rise, the air becomes cooler and you find yourself in hanging river valleys where the mountains widen into a cascade of terraces with groves of orange and citrus trees protected by windbreaks of cypress.
An example is the microclimate produced by screening with tall evergreens to provide a windbreak or shade.
Use a windbreak to protect unclad limbs from chronic goosepimpling and to stake out your territory so that other families don't stray too close.
The house was on the flat ground and was surrounded by a windbreak of trees.
He said the tin sheets are a temporary windbreak to shelter new fir tree saplings, planted to replace trees mysteriously felled a few weeks ago.
In an exposed garden, it is worth putting up a temporary windbreak to protect the cuttings from drying winds.
By providing a windbreak , trees (especially evergreens) also help reduce individual heating bills by up to 30 percent.
They can act as a windbreak , screen unsightly areas, and provide shade where needed.
This section of fence is not entirely solid - we're hoping it will act as a windbreak , softening the wind rather than blocking it completely and causing turbulence on the garden side.
These cedar louvers are also sun shades and windbreaks , and they provide the gardens with visual privacy.
Greg passed on snow survival techniques, which include digging trenches to create windbreaks and making snow caves for overnight shelter if you become stranded.