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windblown / надутый
имя прилагательное
inflated, sulky, puffy, windblown, distent, fustian
имя прилагательное
carried or driven by the wind.
windblown sand
Turns out dodgy panelbeating is a valuable skill on a little windblown island in the middle of nowhere.
With their unkempt, windblown hair, they almost resembled the man beneath her.
They may arise from dormant seeds, or colonise by windblown seeds.
She tried to put her hands up to smooth her windblown hair.
They string hundreds of meters of flexible fencing to catch windblown flurries.
A gale howls over the hunchback of Cairngorm, stinging our faces with windblown sleet.
The second site looked at the restocking of a windblown area.
Their cheeks picked up any shifts in the wind, determining which angles in the mountain would be covered in deeper, windblown snow.
Fungi disperse themselves by releasing spores, usually windblown .
Breaking radio silence for a brief greeting from the wind-blown Hebrides.