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windage / сопротивление воздуха, снос ветром, надводная часть судна
имя существительное
сопротивление воздуха
снос ветром
надводная часть судна
floatage, flotage, windage, upper-works
имя существительное
the air resistance of a moving object, such as a vessel or a rotating machine part, or the force of the wind on a stationary object.
To reduce windage , powerboat owners should lower antennas and outriggers.
With that established you can determine bullet drop, windage correction, and your leads for moving targets with relative ease.
To reduce windage , powerboat owners should lower antennas and outriggers.
As supplied by the factory, the Crossfire comes with a detachable, ghost ring aperture rear sight that is adjustable for windage with the help of a screwdriver.
They are fully adjustable for windage and elevation, and come complete with three sight apertures to match the needs of practically any shooting situation.
Accommodations add weight and the raised foredeck adds windage , both of which make the Sport Cruiser a little slower than other 38 Fountain models.
The front sight is an inverted ‘V’ dovetailed into an integral base at the muzzle and is adjustable for windage .
The windage of many oscillating halyards is infinitely greater than that of a single rigid one.
Efficiency is the result of many factors, including airflow, combustion, and parasitic losses such as friction and windage .
Adjust the scope for windage and elevation and shoot again.
Boaters took the news seriously, coming down in droves to get boats ready - decreasing windage , adding extra lines and chafe protection.