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wind-up / конец, завершение, нервное возбуждение
имя существительное
end, ending, stop, finish, tip, wind-up
completion, perfection, end, conclusion, finality, wind-up
нервное возбуждение
jitters, fever, buzz, heebie-jeebies, wind-up
имя прилагательное
final, conclusive, closing, terminal, ending, wind-up
имя существительное
an act of concluding or finishing something.
the windup of the convention
the motions of a pitcher immediately before delivering the ball, in which they take a step back, lift the hands over the head, and step forward.
an attempt to tease or irritate someone.
имя прилагательное
(of a toy or other device) functioning by means of winding a key or handle.
a windup clock
The issue in Peet involved a determination of entitlement during the notice period when the employee had elected to receive early benefits under a partial wind-up .
But with Grady, it's hard to know what's true and what's a wind-up .
I thought it was a wind-up when I first got back to the coach and discovered my backpack was missing.
a company wind-up
I thought it was a wind-up but when I looked there was no-one there.
But, to be honest, when I first found out Accrington had made enquiries about me, I thought it was a wind-up .
At first we thought it was a wind-up but it really is a tremendous honour and we're absolutely bowled over.
But then came the steaming bowls of bozbashi, and, contrary to all logic, this hearty lamb soup was the perfect wind-up to the feast.
surely this was a wind-up
I'm sure Sergen meant well and simply wanted to share his pleasure with the widest possible audience, yet there is a dark interpretation of these events: namely, that the Besiktas players were attempting some kind of wind-up .