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winch / лебедка, ворот, рукоятка в виде кривошипа
имя существительное
winch, windlass, hoist, crab, jenny, gig
winch, windlass, pulley, capstan, neckband, swipe
рукоятка в виде кривошипа
поднимать с помощью лебедки
имя существительное
a hauling or lifting device consisting of a rope, cable, or chain winding around a horizontal rotating drum, turned by a crank or by motor or other power source; a windlass.
They do the work of motorized winches - haul logs, or move stuck tractors, raise towers, and so on - but with the deftness of a human hand.
the crank of a wheel or axle.
My primary role on the boat is called a ‘grinder’, and I provide power for the winches [the circular wheels which wind the boat's sails up and down].
hoist or haul with a winch.
Dramatic television footage showed rescue workers winching the nine survivors one-by-one from the roof of the restaurant as flames and smoke poured from the upper floors of the building in Taichung City in central Taiwan.
The evil ones quickly pulled it tight and then attached a large bag on a winch to the ropes and then pulled the bag over the castle wall.
The cage was lowered by winch and wire rope to a depth of 5m, just deep enough to escape the surface surge and swell.
To haul one of his traps, Glen uses a gaff to grab its buoy, then wraps the attached rope around a hydraulic winch that brings the trap from its resting place, typically in two to six fathoms of water, to boat-side.
Ropes and pulleys and an electric winch were used for the job.
The raised forecastle has all the normal anchor handling gear as well as a huge single winch used for hauling loads out of the fish hold.
I'd say it was an ex-fishing boat because it's got a drum winch on the front.
an attempt to winch survivors of the wreck into a helicopter
Mark grabs it and attaches it to the winch as Gerry starts the winch motor.
Forward of the boilers there is little but scraps of metal, except for the anchor winch , chains and anchors.
The anchor winch has a large drum on the back, with its axis along the wreck.