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wimp / занудный
имя прилагательное
wimp, wet blanket
имя существительное
a weak and cowardly or unadventurous person.
Consequently, compared with wild mice, lab mice are wimps - slower, weaker, and less active - even if both have lived their entire lives in cages the size of a shoe box.
withdraw from a course of action or a stated position in a way that is seen as feeble or cowardly.
In fact the radicals simply wimped out for fear of having their pants sued off.
имя существительное
a graphical user interface designed to simplify or demystify computing operations.
a hypothetical subatomic particle of large mass that interacts only weakly with ordinary matter, postulated as a constituent of the dark matter of the universe.
In some ways I am just a scared little guy, a wimp .
She had to harden herself so that she could get on with life instead of acting like a wimp, a selfish wimp at that.
When I was finally able to leave, after thanking the teacher like a cowardly wimp , I wondered whether the just-concluded event was a meeting of parents or a lecture on them.
I wanted to take it into a whole rock show direction, but I wimped out because the whole sound is based around drum machines.
Yes, I'm wimping out on him but I simply can't pick a side.
Perhaps wimpishly , I suggest to Sally that she fastens her raincoat collar over a heavy silver chain.
‘The men here are wimps ,’ the hotel receptionist said scornfully.
The first time, there was no one to stop me, but I wimped out.
So, it is wrong to suggest that somehow Europeans are culturally wimpish while Americans are singularly martially courageous.
And the cowards and wimps don't do a single thing about it.