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willy-nilly / волей-неволей
nolens volens, willy-nilly, perforce
имя прилагательное
compelled, forced, induced, compulsory, necessary, willy-nilly
whether one likes it or not.
he would be forced to collaborate willy-nilly
without direction or planning; haphazardly.
politicians expanded spending programs willy-nilly
It was made perfectly clear that money will not be tipped onto a table for the town to spend willy-nilly on pet projects.
Now, 11 years later, he was the Chief Commissioner of the hill State of Manipur, and had willy-nilly to depute election officers and to supervise the polling and the counting.
If there's a suspicion they are just doing it for money and handing out tickets willy-nilly irrespective of the traffic implications, then it's not going to go down well with motorists.
Second question: how many of you spend money willy-nilly on cosmetics, jewelry, clothes, fast food, movies, and weekend beer?
Caught up, willy-nilly , in lawlessness of a sort were also numberless worthy members of the public, who faced a stupefying barrage of emergency laws passed on sumptuary, economic and security grounds.
We also couldn't go firing darts willy-nilly as they are very powerful.
‘Businesses are not free to spend their money willy-nilly ,’ she said.
he would be forced to collaborate willy-nilly
politicians expanded spending programmes willy-nilly
At the same time, Americans also said they will not be spending willy-nilly .