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willow / ива, тальник, бита
имя существительное
willow, osier, sallow
bat, club, willow, hurl
имя существительное
a tree or shrub of temperate climates that typically has narrow leaves, bears catkins, and grows near water. Its pliant branches yield osiers for basketry, and its wood has various uses.
In her madness, Ophelia climbs a willow tree to hang garlands from its branches.
a machine with revolving spikes used for cleaning cotton, wool, or other fibers.
The Japanese willow machine made good money for the domestic economy.
The Japanese willow machine made good money for the domestic economy.
Briony walked down the path leading to the old but beautiful whispering willow .
Another twist on this theme is his striking wall lamps, which are essentially steel rods with willow woven around them.
The walls of the maze are planted with willow , and there are little jokes throughout, such as a skeleton reclining on a bench and a small cricket pavilion.
The study area is subalpine tundra, and primary vegetation is shrubby willow .
The stream is well overgrown with willow and more.
And the tree, the sacred willow tree , the huluppu tree, is no more!
Some 2000 years ago the Greeks used the bark and leaves of the willow tree (which contains salicylic acid) to relieve pain and fever.
She wanted a whippy switch off a willow tree in the front yard.
If you want tiger swallowtail butterflies, plant a willow tree .