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willful / своевольный, преднамеренный, своенравный
имя прилагательное
willful, headstrong, high-handed, opinionated, arbitrary, contrary
deliberate, aforethought, premeditated, willful, calculated, purposeful
wayward, capricious, willful, restive, crotchety, nasty
имя прилагательное
(of an immoral or illegal act or omission) intentional; deliberate.
willful acts of damage
Secondly, the party disobeying the contempt order must do so in a deliberate and willful fashion in order to satisfy the criminal nature of the contempt proceedings.
She's willful , quiet, and stubborn, but, above all, passionate.
He also criticised the failure of the Government to give full effect to the Children's Act 2001 which deals with willful neglect by parents.
There is no greater betrayal than to impoverish a generation yet unborn by willful acts of amnesia.
Stubbornly self-righteous and willful , Higgins demonstrates his ideals in his brazen disregard for the Victorian rules of conduct.
Here's the advice that helped me raise two willful and determined kids into delightful and productive adults.
Even when others act where you have not done so, you continue with your willful neglect in the face of crisis and misery.
We can take the Middle Path and preserve our freedom without acting like stubborn and willful children every time we are asked to obey the rules.
They depict revolutions as willful acts of rebellion that inevitably produce terrible results because of the evil inherent in the very idea of revolution.
Is there a danger of much being lost or obscured from either willful or unintentional neglect?