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will / воля, желание, завещание
имя существительное
will, freedom, volition, pleasure, liberty, purpose
desire, wish, will, want, aspiration, would
will, testament, bequest, devise, bequeathing, bequeathal
bequeath, will, leave, settle, devise, give
want, wish, desire, wish for, will, like
want, choose, wish, desire, will, like
имя существительное
the faculty by which a person decides on and initiates action.
she has an iron will
a legal document containing instructions as to what should be done with one's money and property after one's death.
Up and down the country, thousands of other people have done the same, yet all of us knew at the time we signed such documents that these wills had no proper legal status.
expressing the future tense.
you will regret it when you are older
expressing inevitable events.
accidents will happen
expressing a request.
will you stop here, please
expressing facts about ability or capacity.
a rock so light that it will float on water
expressing habitual behavior.
she will dance for hours
a rock so light that it will float on water
she will dance for hours
When he finally gets to see the contract, he will , in all probability, laugh as much as I did.
she will dance for hours
you will regret it when you are older
'Will you go again?' 'Yes, I will.'
it'll take time, but things will change
your tank will hold about 26 gallons
It's likely that these TV personalities aren't actually lefty liberals with a will to help the poor and needy.
will you give me a lift?