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wile / хитрость, уловка, обман
имя существительное
cunning, trick, stealth, trickery, guile, wile
trick, ploy, ruse, stratagem, gimmick, wile
deception, deceit, fraud, trick, hype, wile
entice, ensnare, trap, wile, allure, inveigle
lure, allure, bait, lure away, inveigle, wile
имя существительное
devious or cunning stratagems employed in manipulating or persuading someone to do what one wants.
It is the Africans who are moving, shifting, thinking, plotting, and therefore digging their own entrenchment in this land upon which so many others have, through wiles and stratagems of their own, entrenched themselves here.
lure; entice.
she could be neither driven nor wiled into the parish kirk
Mike Upchat was not his real name, of course, and no one ever found out what this was; it was also not the only pseudonym he would employ in his schemes to wile his way into a woman's bed.
If I were trapped in repressive, anti-literate society in which books were banned, I think my best bet for memorisation ought to be Machiavelli's The Prince, the better to wile my way to the top.
Chicagoans are going to succumb to the feminine wiles of that palsied succubus, so you should make sure children could not possibly be the result.
At the end of the night the beautiful maiden is trying to set up her handmaiden with a young burly blacksmith so she distracts the young guard with her feminine wiles and he is smitten.
Marcus emboldens himself to ask, and Sarah turns her professional wiles on him, suggesting he heard what he wanted to hear.
Women and their feminine wiles fascinated and frustrated him.
Because, among other things, I'm a girl who believes that women needn't define themselves by what society dictates to be appropriate behaviour, and yet I'll never miss an opportunity to exercise my feminine wiles .
By current standards, Eve is old-fashioned, her wiles and stratagems strictly based on aligning herself with men for their power rather than tapping into her own.
But beneath the virtuous-widow facade she presented to the world was a cold, calculating, manipulative monster who used her feminine wiles to get what she wanted.
It had taken all her feminine wiles to seduce Pemberton, the butler, and then spike his drink with a sleeping pill.