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wildlife / живая природа
имя существительное
живая природа
имя существительное
wild animals collectively; the native fauna (and sometimes flora) of a region.
As well as being important for wildlife , the region is designated a national scenic area.
Think about leaving an area of wilder, longer grass to save effort and encourage wildlife .
Mrs Smith fears the project will harm the environment and scare wildlife away.
Its main use has been as rootstock for chestnut breeding and it provides a food source for wildlife .
a wildlife refuge
We are hoping that the woodland, once it is established, will attract new wildlife to the area.
Inshore areas also contain some of the best marine wildlife around our coast.
Bonfires can be fatal for wildlife such as hedgehogs, which often crawl in them to sleep.
In the spring wild grasses are a sight to behold and there is wildlife and birdsong to enjoy.
Hedgerows and their wildlife are integral with the meadowland in which they originated.
However it is good to see a continuance of the abundance of wildlife about our shores.