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wigwam / вигвам
имя существительное
wigwam, lodge
имя существительное
a dome-shaped hut or tent made by fastening mats, skins, or bark over a framework of poles, used by some North American Indian peoples.
A yurt - also known as a ger - is the Asian equivalent of a North American Indian wigwam .
One day, when I was in Grade Three, my school teacher decided to use me as an example of how aboriginal people no longer live in teepees or wigwams .
In contrast to white people's extravagant ways, Indian wigwams are of high quality, comfortable, and very cheap to build and maintain.
I liked the idea of living in it: a wigwam seemed a suitable home for a backyard anthropologist.
The collective - all mums of children at the Steiner School in Fulford - first came together on a project to erect a yurt, the Mongolian equivalent of a North American wigwam , on St Nicholas Fields.
The portability of Ojibwa lodging - the wigwam - enabled such moves to be made quickly and easily.
Accommodation links offer breaks in converted castles, churches, lighthouses and wigwams .
A yurt - also known as a ger - is the Asian equivalent of a North American Indian wigwam .
The Sami tent, called a lavvo, has a circular framework of poles leaning inward like the teepee or wigwam of Native Americans, and a floor of birch twigs covered with layers of reindeer fur.
Last I heard, she's using the name ‘Rainbow Flower Love’ and living in a wigwam .
Small children weaved in and out of the wigwams , laughing gleefully.