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wiggle / покачиваться, извиваться, покачивать
wiggle, shake, jiggle, waggle, weave, stagger
wriggle, squirm, coil, meander, serpentine, wiggle
wiggle, jiggle, waggle, dangle, wiggle-waggle
fidget, wiggle, fidget about, shuffle, wiggle-waggle
имя существительное
shaking, jiggle, wiggle, waggle, rock, nutation
wiggle, squirm, wiggle-waggle
имя существительное
a wiggling movement.
a slight wiggle of the hips
move or cause to move up and down or from side to side with small rapid movements.
Stasia wiggled her toes
She led the way with her sexy wiggle without looking back to see if the client was following her or not.
they're trying to wiggle out of their agreement
She straightened to her full height (she barely came to Priss' shoulder) and gave her shoulders a wiggle of importance.
a slight wiggle of the hips
John motioned with a wiggle of his brows towards Lace's swaying bottom as she moved down the steps.
The blink of an eye, the wiggle of a thumb, the touch of a lobe, and thousands of pounds move from one account into another, the auctioneer's gavel, like a referee's whistle, the final arbiter.
I can't bump any more but I can manage a sedate wiggle providing it doesn't go on too long.
It showed only a slight wiggle when rotated into vertical mode.
a slight wiggle of the hips
And not even the infamous wiggle of his Cleopatra can compare to his passion for golf.