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width / ширина, широта, расстояние
имя существительное
width, breadth, beam, span, face
latitude, breadth, width, catholicity, amplitude
distance, length, spacing, space, interval, width
имя существительное
the measurement or extent of something from side to side.
the yard was about seven feet in width
The Backbone was a half-mile of barren limestone only fifty feet in width with nearly vertical sides and a few boulders and a few clumps of pines dotting its top.
Each floor offers ample space for individual designs, consisting of a long, open space of about 30m in length and 10m in width .
The palace is a façade, which is fifty feet in height and a mere one-foot in width .
A circular medallion, a finger's length in width , hung from a small gold chain around his neck.
the width of experience required for these positions
a single width of hardboard
Ditches are often absent, or only dug on one side, while metalling varies in width , depth and design.
the yard was about seven feet in width
The weights room was gutted and has been extended in width and length.
So, too, to some extent, given the width of their catchment areas, were the great Welsh clubs.