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widowhood / вдовство
имя существительное
имя существительное
the state or period of being a widow or widower.
Provided that this has been purchased for a period of 13 weeks prior to widowhood, the sum of 10s weekly will be paid during the remainder of life or period of widowhood .
There is a whole group of women who quite frankly have been liberated by widowhood .
In the second year of widowhood , Heinz withdrew into her grief and accepted a doctor's advice to go on Prozac.
During her long widowhood Victoria found happiness in Nice especially; beginning in 1882 she would visit the Riviera on nine occasions, for a long spring break of a month or so.
After 19 years of widowhood she was married to Jacob Klassen.
I looked after my mum through almost 40 years of widowhood - she was a cheerful, pretty and charming person, but without help she would have had many financial worries.
The death at the age of 101 of the former Queen consort after 50 years of widowhood since the death of King George Vl, however, was not an appropriate peg for such discussion.
This was a woman whose entire life was marked by her being born to a stunningly beautiful woman, Tan's grandmother, whom early widowhood had led to become the ‘concubine’ of a wealthy Chinese merchant.
It may indeed not be essential one marry at all: one may choose celibacy to satisfy a special calling, or out of widowhood , necessity of age or physical condition, or simply according to disposition.
In her own widowhood , she welcomed her surviving sisters, Sophie and Aloysia, to Salzburg and supported them emotionally and materially.
It may not seem long to your daughter, but she doesn't know the pace of widowhood - that you cover an endless desert of time each month, as you live through day after long day without the person you have lost.