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widespread / широко распространенный
имя прилагательное
широко распространенный
widespread, prevalent, prevailing, regnant, prolate, vulgar
имя прилагательное
found or distributed over a large area or number of people.
there was widespread support for the war
The news of widespread rain in the region may bring some cheer to the grim faces of farmers.
In its mad rush to try to increase turnout, the Government has opened the door to widespread fraud.
Unions have formed an action group to fight the proposals and claim widespread support.
It is understandable that this method of prevention has not been met with widespread support.
The next most serious and widespread health risk to humans comes from salmonella in pigs.
Apathy was so widespread that we had to cut the number of polling stations there.
There is a widespread belief that the government should do more to encourage saving.
The fact that this reaction was so widespread indicates the depths of our disbelief.
He is sure to garner widespread support from across all sections of club rugby.
To paint now is an act of resistance which answers a widespread need and may instigate hope.