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widen / расширять, расширяться, ширить
expand, extend, widen, broaden, dilate, enlarge
expand, widen, broaden, dilate, enlarge, branch
make or become wider.
the incentive to dredge and widen the river
Also provide employment and widen the scope of help to a larger number of people.
we should widen the scope of our investigation
the incentive to dredge and widen the river
The idea was to widen the debate and open the whole process up to more public scrutiny.
What instruments are available to states to spread liberal values and widen the zone of peace?
My eyes suddenly fly open and my mouth widens and my back arches off the ground.
Swing away from the Treasury and the canyon widens somewhat, with a wide sandy bottom between sheer cliffs.
Comedy and tragedy do not co-exist well and the gap between them widens as the film progresses.
Midland road wideners are specialized machines designed to place material to the side of a lane and spread at a specified profile.
The push for more donations from entrepreneurs is becoming gradually apparent in society as the gap between rich and poor widens .