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widely / широко, далеко
wide, widely, broad, large, extensively, broadly
far, away, furthest, farther, way, widely
over a wide area or at a wide interval.
he smiled widely and held out a hand
over a large area or range; extensively.
Deborah has traveled widely
In a similar way, the opinions of conservatives could vary widely .
She loved art, travel, and parties, and read widely in Russian and French as well as English.
Deborah has traveled widely
As someone who classes themselves as widely read on the occult area the only thing I know is that I don't know enough.
Yet the price of these disproportional outcomes has widely been regarded as acceptable.
Sailor Maria Coleman is widely travelled and has come across the full spectrum of conditions.
Suarez smiled widely , assuring the lady he wanted everything in the account.
Amanda walked through the door and smiled widely as she stepped up to the podium.
Now in their fourth year, the Awards are widely regarded as the most prestigious and high-profile of their kind.
He is widely regarded as the world's best and most inventive chef.