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wide-ranging / обширный
имя прилагательное
extensive, vast, large, broad, wide, wide-ranging
имя прилагательное
covering an extensive range.
a wide-ranging discussion
I am pretty excited and intrigued by a film setting that makes use of such a wide-ranging soundtrack.
At that stage, they had to sit a wide-ranging exam to be allowed permanent registration to practice.
She also said the short questions at higher level were wide-ranging but needed specific answers.
It is a wide-ranging consultation document, comprehensive and efficient.
A month and a half ago, a wide-ranging discussion on the subject came up on a private mailing list.
The prospect of handing such potentially wide-ranging power over to the judiciary has led to a number of concerns.
But he said Britain would play a full part in wide-ranging discussions in the future about the force.
It is a wide-ranging inquiry looking at all aspects of the bushfire hazard situation in Australia.
The Government is undertaking a wide-ranging review of gaming with a view to introducing new legislation next year.
We have extraordinarily broad and wide-ranging networks of contacts, friends and family that span the globe.