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wide / широкий, большой, обширный
имя прилагательное
wide, broad, general, large, full, big
large, great, greater, big, high, wide
extensive, vast, large, broad, wide, comprehensive
wide, widely, broad, large, extensively, broadly
far, away, furthest, farther, way, wide
everywhere, throughout, all over, overall, far and wide, wide
имя прилагательное
of great or more than average width.
a wide road
including a great variety of people or things.
a wide range of opinion
at a considerable or specified distance from a point or mark.
Bodie's shot was inches wide
to the full extent.
his eyes opened wide
far from a particular point or mark.
a shot that went wide to the right
имя существительное
a ball that is judged to be too wide of the stumps for the batsman to play, for which an extra is awarded to the batting side.
Blignaut lost his cool immediately, the next ball swinging way down the leg side for four wides .
In restaurants and malls, however, caregiving by mothers exceeded that of fathers by a wide margin.
a wide range of writers took part in the workshop
The wide road linking Killipalam to Karamana is a case in point.
Lori has this habit of wearing her coat open wide even when it's freezing out, showing off her ample bosom.
The roads are mainly wide and well surfaced - just don't look over the edge!
Chester has wide variety of eating establishments, covering a whole range of culinary areas.
Home to eat lunch and make iced coffee - open all the windows wide , listen to the noises floating up from the street.
At the moment of death my father opened his eyes wide .
It is located in a wide basin on the road linking India with Central Asia.
He said the need for flyovers and wide roads in the City would be brought to the notice of the Chief Minister and Deputy Chief Minister.