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wicket / калитка, воротца, турникет
имя существительное
gate, wicket
turnstile, tourniquet, wicket, stile
имя существительное
a small door or gate, especially one beside or in a larger one.
The style of the gate should match the house: a wicket gate would look out of place in a smart city setting, whereas antique wrought iron might lead to expectations that a cottage garden fails to meet.
each of the sets of three stumps with two bails across the top at either end of the pitch, defended by a batsman.
But if the bowler can knock the bails off the wickets , the batsman is out.
So we sat around while a new wicket was prepared and cut, which was the only way of playing.
As to privacy, Mr Husain complained of the wicket in the door.
when they inspected the wicket, they found it being rolled by some prisoners
The wicket and outfield was so batsman friendly that any batsman worth his salt could have turned the match on its head.
You can spend some time at the crease, get used to the bowler's action, the ground, the wicket .
The barred wicket opened and shut, and the door creaked ajar.
The fact that the wicket was a perfect batting strip makes it more disappointing.
Yes, it's the fast bowler strutting his stuff: running up to the wicket ; wrecking a batsman's stumps.
The aisle also wears a green colour complete with wickets and bails.
Man-of-the-match Hill snatched four quick wickets as the home side found themselves in disarray on 47-6.