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whump / whump
имя существительное
a dull thudding sound.
the horse fell with a great whump
make a dull thudding sound.
he pitched a snowball that whumped into the car
One touch to the ground and Scarback beats his wings with a muffled whump and soars high, perhaps five feet into the air, as his opponent rises to meet him.
You hear both main tires pop as you whump to the ground short of the runway.
the horse fell with a great whump
Comfortingly, as I type this, I can feel the whump of a helicopter circling overhead.
A muffled whump sounded and a streak left the launcher and struck the target.
Their sound has tiers like a wedding cake or a cathedral - the whump of the bass and drums beneath the savage guitars and strings beneath the skipping flute.
the whump of a distant explosion
This was followed by a loud crash, a bang, a muffled whump , and then a blood-curdling scream that echoed around the waterfront before dying off into a pathetic moan and silence.
The kick on the third shot sent me stumbling back a step and I fell against the wooden railing, felt it give, and then before I had time to catch on, something big and hard and solid whumped the wind right out of me.