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whorehouse / бордель, публичный дом, бардак
имя существительное
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bordel, house, bawdy house
публичный дом
brothel, whorehouse, bordello, bawdy house, cathouse, bagnio
mess, brothel, whorehouse, disorder
имя существительное
a brothel.
They were children and young women marked for sale into brothels and whorehouses .
He runs into an old friend who tells him Ona's cousin Marija is living in a whorehouse , working as a prostitute.
One year later she was released when her uncle accidentally found her while visiting the whorehouse as a customer himself.
I can understand why boys would be curious about a whorehouse but that's no place for a girl.
He had met his wife in the whorehouse where she was working as a prostitute.
I'd wage you were heading to the whorehouse , not work.
They believed that an external force - confinement in a whorehouse - would allow them to save some money for themselves and their families.
One long virtuosic section takes place in a whorehouse after Miralles finds its number stored in his brother's mobile phone.
It is the economic, financial, political, social and cultural capital of this land, and also the nation's whorehouse , bordello and opium den.
Hal and Sir John spend their nights padding about the taverns and whorehouses of London together, producing dialogue such as this.
Knowledge of the blue movies filtered out through the prostitutes borrowed from the huge Parisian whorehouses that the vast majority of French men visited.