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whopper / громадина, наглая ложь
имя существительное
whopper, swinger, leviathan, whacker, welter
наглая ложь
whopper, whacker, oner
имя существительное
a thing that is extremely or unusually large.
the novel is a 1,079 page whopper
the novel is a 1,079 page whopper
The biggest pike caught during the winter leagues was a whopper of twenty-five pounds, caught on a deadbait on March 2.
He is sent with a companion, his best friend and the publications photographer, to bring back a whopper of a story.
Apparently believing this was a real whopper of an idea, he wrote 10 meandering sequences and strung them together into a film.
A section of the website ironically labeled ‘Fact vs. Fiction’ contains this whopper .
However, the oversized softie has a weakness for sob stories and the lumber lout feeds him a whopper .
the novel is a 1,079 page whopper
The two-disc set is a whopper .
Mr. Greenspan's whopper must be followed by a whopper of a slump.
Four years ago, I started the Lie Emporium, a website dedicated to lies, whoppers , porkies, politicians and just plain old cheap gags.