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whoops / возглас, коклюшный кашель, восклицание
имя существительное
whoop, shout, whoopee, hoop
коклюшный кашель
whoop, hoop
exclamation, ejaculation, interjection, whoop, hoop
cry out, call out, yell, shriek, bawl out, outcry
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, clamor
whoop, hoot, hoop
имя существительное
a loud cry of joy or excitement.
Before he could even wonder what she had agreed to, he heard a loud whoop of joy.
give or make a whoop.
all at once they were whooping with laughter
Everything is sensibly on track until he wakes up in bed with Becky - a dancer at his bachelor party, and also, whoops , Karen's cousin.
When Bull similarly asked people how many songs users listened to, it turned out that - whoops - nobody really needed 10,000 tunes.
At the time, I took a lot of criticism by people saying it's not happening to any of us - and whoops !
It was then discovered that, whoops , $130,000 had disappeared from NT's bank account over four years.
You're innocently playing around on the internet when - whoops - you accidentally buy a car belonging to Elvis Presley.
I'm taking the lava lamp, I'm going one, two, three, four - whoops , five.
They simply went to all the trouble of cutting a deal with Sony to push the CD, and then suddenly remember - whoops - that they'd already made this deal with Antigone Rising.
I'm walking along, carrying Jackson, and then whoops !
Currently, it looks as if you are being inundated by nothing but orange, whoops , I mean ‘saffron’.
Oh, whoops , that's only when you aren't one of the Times Illuminati.