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whoopee / гулянка, возглас, кутеж
имя существительное
partying, whoopee, bat, beano, barney, beanfeast
whoop, shout, whoopee, hoop
binge, spree, debauchery, rant, randan, whoopee
имя существительное
wild revelry.
hours of parades and whoopee
expressing wild excitement or joy.
Also, the neighbors probably just think, ‘Free music, whoopee !’
There are just three more days to get through and then, whoopee , it's the big one: New Year's Eve.
they agreed to mount a serious whoopee on the premises
I thought I had a dentist after all these years - whoopee .
But to pay 4.50 leva for eight small pieces of chicken and a hint of rice is not my idea of whoopee .
Everyone was pleased at the prospect that someone had stood up against our tyrant of a principal, and whoopee , that person was me.
hours of parades and whoopee
Goodie goodie, it's London airport again, terminal 4, whoopee .
After an exchange of letters, I have finally got my appointment for next week - whoopee , I am still alive to attend it, thank God.
However, the collective whoopee was abruptly halted when the small print was made known.
Also, the neighbors probably just think, ‘Free music, whoopee !’