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whoop / возглас, коклюшный кашель, восклицание
имя существительное
whoop, shout, whoopee, hoop
коклюшный кашель
whoop, hoop
exclamation, ejaculation, interjection, whoop, hoop
cry out, call out, yell, shriek, bawl out, whoop
shout, cry, yell, holler, call out, whoop
whoop, hoot, hoop
имя существительное
a loud cry of joy or excitement.
Before he could even wonder what she had agreed to, he heard a loud whoop of joy.
give or make a whoop.
all at once they were whooping with laughter
Gareth attempted a whoop and may even have punched the air.
Infants, older children and adults may have the cough with no whoop .
After two hours I'd seen nothing but steep greenery and heard nothing but the occasional whoop .
Then with a loud whoop , he shoved his heels into the stallion's sides.
‘Fine,’ she sighed and the guys and I let out a loud whoop of success.
If the reports turn out to be true, resellers and probably Linux developers will issue a whoop of delight.
I jumped up in the air, letting out a loud whoop of joy.
When she hung up the phone, Jasmine couldn't resist jumping to her feet and letting out a little whoop of excitement.
Finally, why did the press whoop for joy and glory at the colonial elections?
When something really tickled Papa, he laughed silently, screwing his face up, his whole body shaking, only the occasional whoop escaping as he tried to catch his breath.