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wholly / полностью, целиком, всецело
fully, completely, entirely, totally, complete, wholly
entirely, wholly, bodily, purely, en bloc, all in all
entirely, wholly, completely, all, altogether, exclusively
entirely; fully.
she found herself given over wholly to sensation
Rarely can one person have held the outcome of a political crisis quite so wholly in his own hands.
Why not create a wholly fictitious second character, and see how accurate his profile would be?
the distinction is not wholly clear
Nothing and no one is ever wholly good nor wholly bad, whatever we may think.
They lack real flavour, and any lingering aftertaste is probably wholly artificial.
The walk is almost wholly on level tracks and paths, with a very short stretch along the Barbon road.
He assumed the officer was the stripper and made wholly inappropriate remarks.
His team have played four league games since and haven't been wholly comfortable in any of them.
the distinction is not wholly clear
Both of them quit wholly or partly in protest at married Dean Methuen's management style.