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wholefood / вся еда
имя существительное
food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.
He got some relief from a homoeopathic remedy he picked up at Tullivers herbs and wholefood shop in Colliergate, York.
He gave me acupuncture and put me on a wholefood diet.
a wholefood diet
Both are available in Middle Eastern stores, wholefood shops and some supermarkets.
a wholefood restaurant
Then we'll be able to concentrate on other interests, mainly in the wholefood cookery area.
And these days, the ingredients aren't difficult to source: a variety of Japanese noodles and seaweed is readily available in most supermarkets, wholefood stores and delicatessens.
Bulgur (cracked wheat) is available in most supermarkets and wholefood stores.
She sees a need to return to a simpler wholefood diet.
If you've had the good fortune to taste its milk (on sale in good wholefood and specialist food shops), you'll instantly notice the difference.