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whole / целый, весь, цельный
имя прилагательное
whole, entire, all, full, integral, intact
all, whole, entire, total, aggregate, livelong
whole, solid, integral, entire, perfect, all-in-one
healthy, wholesome, sound, good, healthful, whole
имя существительное
whole, integer, unit, entire, all, total
all, whole, whole of, all-in-all, be-all
имя прилагательное
all of; entire.
he spent the whole day walking
in an unbroken or undamaged state; in one piece.
owls usually swallow their prey whole
имя существительное
a thing that is complete in itself.
the subjects of the curriculum form a coherent whole
all of something.
the effects will last for the whole of his life
used to emphasize the novelty or distinctness of something.
the man who's given a whole new meaning to the term “cowboy.”
He says he doesn't earn a whole lot of money himself and rarely works less than 60 hours a week.
The whole idea that the entire country took to arms with pitchforks and scythes is also a fallacy.
After your child is two years old, it is safe to give him or her skim milk instead of whole milk.
The hard questions are: what do we need, how much do we need, and are the ads telling the whole truth?
that puts a whole other spin on things
Meanwhile, I've heard a whole lot of people demand their fair share of fair treatment.
In truth the whole evening was testimony to the benefits that can be accrued from Transition Year.
you'll need a whole lot more water
I quickly joked that if he spent whole day walking around flapping his arms, he would not be fat either.
they spent the whole day there