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whoever / кто бы ни, который бы ни
кто бы ни
whoever, whosoever, whoso, whoe'er, whosoe'er
который бы ни
whoever, whosoever, whoso, whosoe'er
the person or people who; any person who.
whoever did it hated him
used for emphasis instead of “who” in questions, typically expressing surprise or confusion.
whoever would want to make up something like that?
Analysts believe that whoever wins the election this year will be seen as a legitimate leader.
The best athlete doesn't always win, but then whoever said sport was fair?
The high turnout was welcomed by both camps as a sign that whoever wins the battle will have a clear mandate to lead the party.
Both Mr Dowd and Mr Sosnik forecast that whoever wins two of the three big battlegrounds will probably be the next president.
In any case, why raise the question, for whoever in his right mind ever suggested that everything is false?
And Lou is certainly not going to be the first to jump to the defence of the arsonists, whoever they may be.
There'll be no doubt this year that whoever wins it will deserve to be All-Ireland champions.
For us, whoever wins the debate gets to have their cake and eat it too.
We started out in South Africa back in April and whoever wins the title will deserve it.
whoever wins should be guaranteed an Olympic place