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whodunnit / whodunnit
Christopher's digressions into maths and existential questions amplify what is, on one level, a family drama with a whodunnit attached.
This mystery is a traditional whodunnit , but with a serious vein of social commentary running through it.
Ten strangers with secrets are brought together in a savage rainstorm in the whodunnit thriller Identity.
It is a whodunnit and a thriller with thrills and fun for audience and actors alike.
Death on the Nile is a classic whodunnit in every sense.
This is the theatrical equivalent of the whodunnit you buy at the airport as you go on holiday.
Instead he cleverly subverts the traditional whodunit scenario to expose class inequalities in the 1930s.
In some ways this film is a whodunit as well as a horror flick.
Further compounding the peril is the fact that this is basically a murder mystery, a whodunit with slasher overtones.
Instead of a conventional whodunit , the film is interested in what motivates everyone involved.