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who / кто, который, те, кто
who, which
which, that, who, as, whether
те, кто
what or which person or people.
who is that woman?
used to introduce a clause giving further information about a person or people previously mentioned.
Joan Fontaine plays the mouse who married the playboy
Becki wondered who had done it and whether they would let her do the same next year.
who is that woman?
you can ask who you like to dance
He takes me on a tour, and we pass several attractive women who all smile at him in a hopeful way.
Hannah Start met one of the more seriously injured who is on the long road to recovery.
He would be in much the same position as the farmer who previously put his cows in the field.
They are just a normal couple and their kids are just everyday kids who play in the street.
Mr Summers said it is hard to plan what the group will be doing as he does not know who will audition.
If you were a London cabbie, who would you most like to have in the back of your cab?
As yet we haven't been given any clues as to who can support Hounsou in the lead role.