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whitewash / обелить, побелить, белить
whitewash, wash
whiten, whitewash, bleach, wash, blench, blanch
имя существительное
whitewash, whitening
известковый раствор
mortar, calcimine, whitewash
имя существительное
a solution of lime and water or of whiting, size, and water, used for painting walls white.
The saddlebags had been brought from the stables and rested on a wooden bench near the washstand, already patterned with chips of whitewash flaking from the walls.
a victory in a game in which the loser scores no points.
The only better run is by West Indies, who won ten successive Tests against England in the course of consecutive series whitewashes in 1984 and 1985-86.
paint (a wall, building, or room) with whitewash.
Even in smaller houses, plaster was applied to finish interior walls and then whitewashed , painted or easily covered with wallpaper.
defeat (an opponent), keeping them from scoring.
Our girls got off to a great start and threatened to whitewash their opponents in the first half.
Those who brand the Butler report a whitewash are talking nonsense to further their own political ends.
Both inquiries are intended to whitewash this fact.
But Monty didn't stop his whitewash at the front door.
South Africa avoided a series whitewash with a 65-run win over Australia in the rain affected final limited overs cricket international at Newlands here yesterday.
He was not a patch on the hitherto unsung Michael Kasprowicz, who bowled with fire, bounce and zest during Australia's 3-0 whitewash of Sri Lanka.
The commission, despite its attempts to whitewash the government, was compelled to admit that slavery existed.
They were of an older stile, bricks and mortar peeping out from behind chipped whitewash .
Roland Garros has not seen a player so dominant in a women's final since Steffi Graf's whitewash of Natalia Zvereva in 1988.
The obituary was the usual nostalgic whitewash .
In other words, the media report is a classic whitewash .