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whiten / отбеливать, белить, белеть
bleach, whiten, blanch, blench
whiten, whitewash, bleach, wash, blench, blanch
whiten, blanch, become white, show white, go grey
make or become white.
snow whitened the mountain tops
If you have been using bleach to whiten clothes and they are now graying, switch to peroxide.
In the early 1990s, 46 of the 145 pulp mills in Canada used various chlorine bleaching processes to whiten paper.
The bleach will whiten fungi or algae but does not change the color of dirt.
We felt the wind pick up, saw waves whiten , but until the water went black and the bottle was empty we went on talking, nobody saying a word.
He gripped his boomerang tightly, whitening his knuckles.
Some of the other buildings were whitened with snow.
I clench the steering wheel, my knuckles whitening .
I use a lot of whitener and the page looks a mess.
A disturbing trend is that they go after easily available addictives such as whiteners and petroleum-based glues.
The old wizard's knuckles whitened on his staff.