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whiteboard / белая доска
белая доска
white board, plank
имя существительное
a wipeable board with a white surface used for teaching or presentations.
On one wall is an ‘operations board’ - a whiteboard with a map of the village scrawled on it showing the extent of the flooding.
You can use it as a whiteboard and then print out your notes/diagram and the screen contents.
I outlined above what got scribbled on the whiteboard .
And with an internet connection, the whiteboard can be used to tap into educational websites, or enable the children to follow world events.
The whiteboard works well for important long-term tasks, but for short-term daily readings a five-subject notebook works best.
But one class was still full of students, many still poring over math formulas written on the whiteboard .
‘The teacher has a computer on the desk and can project different Web pages onto the whiteboard ,’ Kearney said.
The aim of the lesson is written on the whiteboard : ‘By the end of this lesson, you will be able to describe weapons that would be good for attacking a castle.’
Petersen says he was standing there surveying the scene, when he happened to notice a large whiteboard off to one side.
interactive whiteboard
All the classrooms have a whiteboard with a touch screen and can run any software from a computer.