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whistler / доносчик
имя существительное
informer, snitch, informant, squeal, sneak, whistler
имя существительное
a person who whistles.
But as others explained, even talented whistlers often choose the tool to avoid putting fingers made grimy by farm work anywhere near their mouth.
a robust Australasian and Indonesian songbird with a strong and typically hooked bill and a loud melodious call.
My grandfather wanted to look through the book and quickly became enthralled by its colorful plates of whistlers , honeyeaters, parrots, pigeons, and doves.
As if he were on a mountain, his song came back to him, from another whistler this time.
There was a faint clip-clop sound too, as if the whistler was leading a horse.
he couldn't tell whether the whistler was moving away from or towards him
A trademark of Roger Whittaker's performances was a very distinctive ability as a natural whistler .
The golden whistler , richer in geographic variation than any other bird, is the world's greatest speciator.
The men around the whistler clapped him on the back, and some of them began to mimic him with whistles of their own.
And suddenly the quiet is shattered by an unseen whistler walking on an adjacent platform and giving a perfect rendition of the theme tune to ‘Thomas the Tank Engine.’
Together with humming it may be presumed to be the simplest form of music making, in particular for self amusement, and as such revealing the emotional state of mind of the whistler .
But an audience of several hundred packed into the gallery to hear Sheila Harrod, the world's champion whistler , give a demonstration of her skill yesterday.
The writer is also the star of the show (and whistler of the theme tune).