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whistle-blower / осведомитель
имя существительное
a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.
Nurses also may not report other nurses for fear of being perceived as snitches or labeled as whistle-blowers .
Tayside Police admit the whistle-blower 's inside knowledge shows he has to be a high-ranking officer - at least an inspector and probably a superintendent.
Instead of being lauded as a whistle-blower , he was impugned as a criminal.
If the chief executive officer or financial director are corrupt, it is extremely difficult to flush out the liars and cheats, unless there is a whistle-blower .
They received information from a whistle-blower , reported the story, and protected their source.
Introducing the duty of whistle-blowing will significantly alter the roles these professionals are expected to perform.
Bodies is a complex drama that dares to go where no other medical dramas have ventured - into the culture of malpractice, whistle-blowing , cover-ups, star-ratings and government targets.
Has the Patriot Act so unnerved Spielberg that he thinks we're living in a police state where New Yorkers are afraid to be the insubordinate, whistle-blowing , pains-in-the-neck that they have always been?
But I think we have to encourage whistle-blowing .
They're trying to put in measures to help whistle-blowers point out wrongdoing at the United Nations without losing their job.
Scheme auditors and actuaries will have to act as whistle-blowers and tell Opra if they think something is wrong.