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whirr / жужжание, шум
имя существительное
buzz, hum, whirr, drone, whir, murmur
noise, sound, uproar, din, clamor, whirr
make noise, noise, bluster, sound off, din, whirr
buzz, hum, whir, whirr, zizz, boom
проноситься с шумом
whir, whirr
The images were projected on a white cotton sheet, and the loud whirr of the generator muffled the sound.
They said late-night displays and a constant stream of excessive noise caused by the whirr of rides and screams from thrill-seekers had made their lives a ‘nightmare’.
The familiar whirr of the tram, the particular clicking noise the indicators make when we pause at stops.
It was after three a.m. when the whirr of a single projector gave way to the roar of three projectors running simultaneously.
I heard the beep and the whirr of some kind of machinery, but I couldn't see because my sight was focused on the ceiling.
At a very human level, televisions flickered off and air-conditioning units stopped whirring in sweltering heat.
The projector in the middle of the domed theatre clicks and whirs into action, showing a stunning display of the night skies.
That is about the same level of noise produced by the whir of an air conditioner or the rumbling of average city traffic.
We can all benefit from a little white noise, whether it's the whir of crickets or airplanes overhead.
The whirrs and clicks of several computers filled the room, revealing that there was probably more in it than one would think.