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whirligig / волчок, юла, вертушка
имя существительное
whirligig, top, spinner, whirlabout, top toy, humming-top
whirligig, whirlabout, peg-top
имя прилагательное
vortex, vortical, whirlwind, turbulent, whirligig, vorticose
twirl, turn, spin, pivot, revolve, whirligig
кружиться волчком
имя существительное
a thing regarded as hectic or constantly changing.
the whirligig of time
a small black predatory beetle that swims rapidly in circles on the surface of still or slow-moving water and dives when alarmed.
That's not wind on the water, it's gyrating whirligig beetles .
Finally how fragile it is - choreography that is here today usually is gone tomorrow, lost in either the whirligig of fashion or the roulette-wheel of luck.
The whole whirligig of sights and sounds and bodies rushing forward seemed to be aimed directly at me.
But then stranger things happen every day in the whirligig of Taiwan life.
A time-worn, singular figure, however, bears contrary witness to the whirligig of our global age fraught, as it is, with the fever of frantic speeds, appetites for expanding size, and the vanity of vast numbers.
The whirligig of fashion trends dictated that the look of Zandra back in the Seventies is exactly the look of 2002-gypsy flounces, boots and floaty hippie blouses and dippy hemlines.
I chose to read this edited collection piecemeal as I attempted to cling on board the whirligig of a new teaching year.
The writing and publishing whirligig is, if you will, a lottery.
the whirligig of time
the whirligig of time
Against the backdrop of Lewis Castle, a whirligig of ceilidhs, concerts and workshops takes place.