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whipsaw / лучковая пила
имя существительное
лучковая пила
bucksaw, bowsaw, whipsaw
имя существительное
a saw with a narrow blade and a handle at both ends, used typically by two people.
The rich dark wood of its walls and floor - all rudely smoothed with the broadaxe and the whip-saw.
cut with a whipsaw.
he was whipsawing lumber
It is inevitable, however, that the company will use the threat of plant closings to whipsaw workers in different factories to accept further concessions in wages and working conditions.
They probably won't actually have to whipsaw timbers to make their own boats, but lots of other touches will be as authentic as can be arranged.
Use the Internet to whipsaw suppliers into shape.
Citi's actions weren't illegal, but broke an unwritten understanding not to whipsaw markets or take advantage of the thin summer trading.
However, suppliers say they are not comfortable with the digital exchanges, believing them to be overrated, and nothing more than a more efficient way for OEMs to whipsaw them for even greater price concessions.
Many skis were just a whipsawed piece of lumber four to six inches in width with an upturned tip, but they worked well enough to transport the skier to where he wanted to go.
He sees an increasing number of Saudis who are whipsawed between a new materialism and traditional values.
Ridge's statement may have whipsawed citizens, but what was the alternative?
Since blocking Smith was a lost cause, because of Biden's defection, the other Democrats felt sympathy for Edwards, who was getting whipsawed between his national ambitions and his home-state politics.
All the mental health care professionals we know have been whipsawed between their ideals for practice - based both on knowledge of patients and on their own self-image - and the narrow demands of managed care.