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whippet / гончая, гончая собака
имя существительное
beagle, hound, whippet, harrier
гончая собака
hound, whippet
имя существительное
a dog of a small slender breed originally produced as a cross between the greyhound and the terrier or spaniel, bred for racing.
In addition to salukis, eligible breeds are whippets , greyhounds, Afghan hounds, borzois, Ibizan hounds, pharaoh hounds, Irish wolfhounds, and Scottish deerhounds.
You can equate it with the size, say, of a whippet , a dog.
Prouty, who breeds and shows Australian shepherds, had given the whippet 's future plenty of thought by this point.
As the fisherman approaches, the falconer's spaniels look enquiringly at each other, and his whippet , all four paws at attention, stares respectfully at such an admirable salmon.
She was on her way to an important business meeting and was dressed to impress when the whippet cross ran out in front of her car in Shannon Way.
He spent the early years of his life playing in the bar with a whippet and a greyhound.
Manchester Dogs' Home is seeking an owner for Murphy, a cross whippet .
Several of the dogs and Monty were given oxygen therapy, but one dog, a whippet called Smokey, died after inhaling too much smoke.
I was still able to get a flavour of the place through my meetings with animals such as Trixie the eight-year-old whippet cross, with whom I struck up an immediate friendship.
People across the country might reckon we all go about with cloth caps and whippets but Yorkshire is a very beautiful county and perhaps we should be shouting about how wonderful the natural landscape is.
Some underfeed their whippets , lurchers, or greyhounds, because they mistakenly think these breeds are meant to be stick-thin.